Hello happy Monday!! We move this week. Yikes!!! I’m dreading it. My mom is coming on Friday to help with the move. Of course, we’re moving right during Daniel’s finals week so he’s just going to go to the library and avoid this mess! I packed all weekend, so we’re almost ready for moving day! We actually saw our new apartment for the first time in person this weekend, so that definitely helped calm some of the moving nerves!

Anyway, I recently discovered Madewell jeans and I am obsessed!!! I’ve never had a jean that I’ve truly loved. I was wearing this one specific pair of Gap high waisted denim for YEARS, and they were great, but they weren’t perfect! A couple weeks ago, I decided I needed to find THE jean, so I popped over to Madewell and was shocked! I found 3 pairs of jeans, and probably could have bought every pair they had. They fit so well, have so many washes and styles, and are clearly good quality.

Madewell has actually become one of my fav stores lately. They have a jeans recycling program where you can bring ANY pair of jeans into their store to be recycled, and they’ll give you $20 off a new pair of jeans. Everything I’ve ever bought from them has been really good quality, too!

I’ve been wearing these nonstop the past few weeks! I especially love that they don’t stretch out throughout the day! They’re comfortable, but not the type of denim that grow 3 sizes throughout the day yaknow?

I love this button fly pair, and this everyday skinny jean. I’m currently drooling over this pair!

Top:  similar  / Denim:  here  / Shoes:  here  / Initial Necklace:  here

Top: similar / Denim: here / Shoes: here / Initial Necklace: here

Okie! I’m going to stop blabbing about Madewell now. Basically, I love them. Madewell might be my new fav store. If you can’t find me, go to the nearest Madewell because I’m probably there.

See you next time!


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