I’m back with the Friday Favorites! I hope you guys had a great week. This week was soooo long!!! On Wednesday, I was like “how is it not Friday yet??”! I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend. Daniel and I are going to go look at Peloton’s tomorrow and he’s so excited.

Now that I’m more settled into my routine, I’d like to start posting on Mondays and Fridays regularly! This week I just wanted to talk about my favorite things lately. This is just a completely random list so prepare yourselves!

  1. White Ranunculus! Story: I wanted to save my wedding bouquet and press it into a frame. We attempted to do this and it didn’t work!! Just trust me, it did not work! HA! Recently, I found a girl on instagram who takes wedding bouquets and presses them into frames, so I asked her if we could basically just recreate my wedding bouquet and she said yes! YAY! I’ll post about it once I have it. But anyway, I spoke to my florist and she sent over the list of flowers and greenery in my bouquet and one of the flowers were white ranunculus. When I was at Trader Joe’s on Sunday, they had white ranunculus! They are so so pretty. I’ve been enjoying the little arrangement I made for our table this week :)

  2. Cozy socks! This is not a recent fav. This is an everyday fav. I’m writing this while wearing my cozy socks. My favorites are from Barefoot Dreams. I have probably mentioned the Barefoot Dreams socks before, but I for real love them so much. Honestly though, any fuzzy sock will do!

  3. This Anthropologie vase. I love this color as an accent in our bedroom. It’s such a big vase and it’s just so fun!

  4. This initial necklace. I’ve been wearing this basically everyday. I always tell Daniel it’s handy to have in case I forget my name haha! I know that a Fort Smith boutique, Clothologie carried a very similar necklace to this for much cheaper! Their instagram can be found here.

  5. This frame. I love this simple gold (or silver) frame! I’ve started gifting it to everyone. Most of the time, I like a more simple frame, so this one is perfect for my style!

That’s it for this week! I told you this was a completely random list.

See you next time!


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