Hello hello! This weekend was crazy! My mom got into town Thursday night (after having a flight change to Baltimore instead of DC at 2 AM), we spent Friday hanging out and then Saturday moving and unpacking and setting up the new apartment. On Sunday, I took my mom to the airport at 4:30 AM, and then Daniel’s parents got into town Sunday evening. Liiiike what! It was wild. We got the apartment fully set up though, so that’s a relief. We finally had our wifi set up yesterday, so that’s why this post is coming to you late!

While I was with my mom, I realized I should throw together a gift guide for Mother’s Day!! It’s coming up in about a week and a half-ish on May 12th!

Here’s a list of ideas to give to your mom!

  1. Flowers!!! Hello deliver flowers to your mom’s workplace because WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT??? Ya feel me? This is my #1 go to for Mother’s Day (or any holiday really).

  2. A spa day! Gift your mom any sort of spa day package. This could mean a variety of things. You could book her a facial or a massage at a local spa. You could take her to get her nails done with you (or give her a gift card to her fav nail salon). You could grab a couple of face masks/bath bombs/nail polishes/candles/lotions/etc and do a little DIY spa day!!!

  3. A Barefoot Dreams robe. I know I recommend Barefoot Dreams all the times, but y’all trust me!!! All of the items are amazing. I love. Your mom will love.

  4. This “mama” bracelet. If your mom/mother in your life is a little sentimental then personalized jewelry is the way to go. There are so many options out there! Etsy has a lot of options!

  5. Her fav perfume. If your mom has a signature scent, restock that for her. We always gift my grandma her fav perfume for basically any holiday!

  6. Just spend some quality time with her if you live close by!! That’s all a mom wants, yaknow? Take her to lunch and hang out with her!

I’m a huge sucker for a fun/pretty card with a little note, so I always put that with any gift as well!

Let me know if y’all have any go to gifts for Mother’s Day! I’m always looking for more ideas.

See you next time!


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