Happy Friday! Happy Good Friday, actually! I’m off work today, and it was so nice to sleep in a bit. Daniel still has class for a little bit today, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I’m planning on starting the packing process because we move next week. I am so not ready to move!! Mainly just because I don’t want to. Daniel and I would have stayed in our current apartment until we bought a house if we could have, but it’ll be a college dorm in a few months, so we have no choice in the matter considering we’re not college students.

Anyway!! I recently bought a pair of sunglasses that I am obsessed with and I wanted to share with y’all, so I figured I’d share my number one all time fav pair of sunglasses, my new recent obsession, and the pair I have my eye on!

  1. My favorite pair of sunglasses EVER are these. I have had these for years! I think I’ve been wearing these for like 5 years now haha! I actually lost these and ended up repurchasing them. They are super lightweight and match everything. I feel like you kinda can’t go wrong with a staple pair of Raybans.

  2. My recent sunglasses obsession are these. I have the black pair and they are basically exact dupes of the $420 Saint Laurent version. The best part about these sunglasses are that they are $10 and on Amazon Prime!!! The heart shaped sunglasses trend is really popular right now, but we all know this probably won’t stick around for long, so spending $10 let’s you enjoy the trend but not waste tons of money, yaknow? I just think these are so fun and cute. They also come in several different colors!! I think the white and red are adorable.

  3. The pair of sunglasses I’m wanting are these. You may know these are the “Meghan Markle sunglasses” because she wore them and they immediately sold out. I think they are so chunky and cute!! These are on my wish list!

Okie! I have to go pack now. Let me know if you buy the $10 Amazon sunglasses!!! Have a great weekend, y’all! Happy Easter!

See you next time!


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