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Hailey WilkinsonComment


YAY for Friday!! My little brother, Logan, came to visit me in DC this week! He lives in NYC, but is moving to Copenhagen at the end of October, so it was nice to catch up with him before he makes his big move. This week, I wanted to chat about my 5 favorite gift ideas for a friend. My bestie recently had a birthday, so I have a lot of gift ideas bouncing around in my head and I figured I’d share with ya!


A personalized photo book from Chatbooks! This is the gift that I gave to my friend that recently had a birthday. I love these! This is such a great personalized gift. You download the Chatbooks app on your phone, and make the book, and order it all on the app! You can even add a caption to the photo if you want. I’m a huge photo person, so this is my fav gift idea.


If you have a friend who is into makeup, buying a makeup subscription box for them for a few months to a year is a great gift! I’ve done this with Boxycharm because they offer a 3 month subscription. Ipsy is another option! I like this gift idea because it allows your friend to try out a whole bunch of makeup products, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving!


I love giving a spa day gift! If you’re near a good place for a facial or massage (or both!), you can get a gift certificate for your friend’s birthday. If you don’t have anything like that near you, or if that’s a bit out of your price range, you can still gift your friend an at home spa day! Here’s how: get a couple of face masks, a body scrub, a bath bomb, a body lotion, and a candle and your friend will have the best at home spa day ever! Who doesn’t love a little pampering?


I really love personalized jewelry, so I always think this is a great gift idea! One of my best friends got me a necklace with a W on it for my birthday last year and I wear it almost every day now. Here are some different options: one, two, three. There are so many options for this gift idea, you’re definitely not limited to the three examples I gave!!!


If you know me, then you know I really REALLY love to be cozy. I also like for my friends to be cozy. What’s the coziest thing on the planet, you ask? Literally anything by the Barefoot Dreams. Barefoot Dreams is an expensive brand, BUT I have a tip for ya!!! Don’t shop it at Nordstrom, shop it at Nordstrom Rack instead! This blanket is so soft, and $50 at Nordstrom Rack instead of $120 at Nordstrom. This robe is $75 at Nordstrom Rack instead of $165 at Nordstrom. See what I mean? If you have a friend that loves to be wrapped up in blankets, or loves a good cozy robe or lounge outfit I definitely recommend checking out Barefoot Dreams! Listen, they even have socks. Everyone loves a good pair of fuzzy socks!!!

I’m going to throw in a bonus giftie! If you forgot a friend’s bday, or if you don’t live close and don’t have time to mail a gift or something like that, you can always send your friend flowers! Everyone loves getting flowers delivered to them!

I hope you can get a good gift idea out of this post! Let me know if I should keep doing these every now and then! I love gift giving for any reason, so I’m always writing down gift ideas!!

See you next time!