Yay for Friday, am I right? I actually thought it was Thursday. I had no idea today was Friday until Daniel told me this morning ha! Here are my favs of the week!!


1. This facial steamer!!! OMG you guys! This is so good. I've talked about it on my insta stories a lot this week, and I've basically told all my friends to get it. This has been the  best money I've recently spent if you ask me!


2. Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray! Okay, I know I've talked a lot about the Kristin Ess hair line, but I really like a lot of her products! The beach wave spray is great for breaking up your curls, and making your hair look less "done". 


3. This clothes steamer! This is so random, but ever since I bought this a few years ago, I basically don't have to iron anything anymore. It's SO much faster than ironing! It heats up really fast, and I just have my shirt on a hanger and steam it quickly and then rush out the door. 

4. This pillow! Daniel and I bought these cooling pillows over a year ago because I am some sort of human heater. I get super hot at night, but I also radiate heat (like an actual heater you guys! What!) which makes Daniel really hot. These pillows have a summer and a winter side. We both always keep them on the summer side. They have some sort of cooling technology that actually works! We got ours at Costco, but it looks like they're sold at Sam's now. They're probably sold everywhere.  

5. These Pottery Barn simple white plates. Daniel and I love these. We have some exposed cabinets in our kitchen, and we've put these white plates/salad plates/bowls out on display. They're good quality and look nice and clean!

I hope you all had a great week!

See you next time!