Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week, I wanted to talk about what Daniel and I wore, and what the wedding party wore. I loved the bridesmaid dresses, and I was incredibly impressed with the tuxes the boys wore. Obviously, I loved my wedding dress. It was my absolute dream gown, and I wish I had more opportunities to wear it!!


All of the tuxes were from Menguin. Menguin is an online tux rental site. Menguin sends your tux to you 14 days before your event, and you are able to get replacement pieces if something doesn't fit properly. Everything is included, and it is reasonably priced! The tuxes were great quality. Daniel said he'd definitely use Menguin again. 



The girls all got their bridesmaid dresses from Tesori, which is a bridal dress shop in Fayetteville, AR. The dresses were all Hayley Paige Occasions in the color Cornflower. I let the girls pick out which style they wanted from the Hayley Paige line, but I did pick a fabric that way the color was uniform. I loved the way the girls looked. The color was perfect, and I liked the way the girls were able to pick out a dress that complimented them. Since the bridesmaid dresses were made by Hayley Paige, and my dress was also made by Hayley Paige, all of the jewels on their dresses matched the jewels on mine. 

Hair and Makeup by Olivia Blair Yeager. You can find her on Instagram  here . I cannot recommend her enough. She was a dream to work with.

Hair and Makeup by Olivia Blair Yeager. You can find her on Instagram here. I cannot recommend her enough. She was a dream to work with.



My dress was the Hayley Paige Dare gown. I got my dress at Tesori, as well. My sash was by Haute Bride, which I bought at Tesori (they have everything you need!). It matched the jewels on my dress exactly. I had the sash sewn onto the gown so that I didn't have to tie a bow in the back. The Dare gown has a beautiful back detail, and I didn't want to distract from that by having a bow tied in the back. This dress was comfortable and so fun! I wish I had an excuse to wear it again. My veil was a plain cathedral length from Tesori. I wanted a simple veil that would not distract from the dress. My jewelry was loaned to me from Newton's Jewelers. They are located in Fort Smith, AR. Daniel got my engagement ring from them, and we got our wedding bands from them, as well. 



Daniel and I got each other small gifts to exchange on the day of the wedding. He got me a diamond band to stack with my engagement ring and wedding band. I got him golden retriever cufflinks. We have a golden (who was in the wedding!), and I wanted Daniel to have unique cufflinks on the day of.


Daniel got the groomsmen initial cufflinks for them to wear on the day of the wedding. I got the girls an outfit to wear while getting ready. The wore comfy sleep shorts and a "Besties with the Bride" tshirt from Riff Raff in Fayetteville, AR. I also got the girls a tote from a boutique in Fort Smith, AR, called Card and Cloth. The tote has 4 words on it that I customized for each girl!

I'm 100% biased, but I thought our wedding party was the best looking wedding party in existence. I definitely peaked on my wedding day. I'll never look better!!! Thank goodness I have all of these pictures, so I can reminisce and show our future kids, if we have them. Daniel, of course, looked great, but he always does (if you ask me!!). 

All photos were taken by BJ Matthews of B. Matthews Photo. You can find him on Instagram here. If you've read any other Wedding Wednesday, then you know how I feel about BJ! I love him!

See you next time!