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Hailey WilkinsonComment


Happy Monday! Are you guys in the holiday spirit yet?? I love this time of year so much! There are so many holiday events, and they typically range in formality which means you’ve got to wear a different outfit to all of them! I thought I’d give you all some ideas on what to wear to a wide range of holiday events. There are formal parties, ugly Christmas sweater parties, work parties, etc! So much fun!!!


This could possibly be a work party, or maybe a family friend is throwing a more upscale party. Maybe you’re just going to a nice dinner with your significant other or friends! There are many reasons you need a dressy outfit option this time of year!

  1. This sequin minidress from Topshop with these black heels (or any black heel!). If it’s cold you can always throw on black tights!

  2. This minidress from Topshop! This one has long sleeves which comes in handy if it’s cold where you live. You can pair this dress with a fun shoe since it’s a solid color. If you got the black dress you could wear a leopard print heeled bootie to have some fun!

  3. This Gal Meets Glam dress is great if you need a more conservative formal dress for a party! A nude heel like this one will be great with this!

  4. This red velvet wrap dress is literally screaming Christmas time! WOW I love this. Pair with nude heels or black heels and some simple gold jewelry and you are good to go! Here’s another red velvet dress option as well!


My work is actually having an ugly Christmas sweater themed party this weekend! This has become such a common theme that Target and Forever 21 have large selections! You can also easily make an ugly Christmas sweater if you have time!

  1. This sweater, these jeans, and these boots will def fit the theme!

  2. This sweater, these leggings, and these sneakers is a casual and cute take on the theme!

  3. This shirt (RiffRaff has SO many options!), these jeans, and these boots! This is probably what I’m going to wear to my Christmas party. This def isn’t an “ugly” Christmas sweater, but I’ll actually wear this after!


This can basically fit any event that you have this season that doesn’t fall in to the other two categories. It’s not too formal, but it’s more dressed up than wearing an ugly Christmas sweater! This is probably the easiest party to dress for!

  1. These jeans, this sweater, and these boots. Add some simple jewelry and possibly a belt and you are good to go! This is casual, but put together! I’m living for those boots tbh.

  2. This skirt, this turtleneck, and these heels. You all know I love a skirt with tights! This is my go to outfit during this time of year!

  3. This dress and these boots! These boots are on my Christmas list this year! These boots would look great with a really simple black dress if you’re just going to a fairly casual event!

Let me know if this helps you all figure out what to wear to all of your holiday events!!

See you next time!