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Happy happy Friday, friends! This week I had the realization that I should probably start posting gift guides and holiday outfits and all of that!!! I’m so excited for the holiday season, and this is actually my favorite time of year to follow bloggers! My plan is to replace Friday Favorites with holiday posts for a while. I’ll probably have some holiday themed Friday Favorites thrown in here and there.

I love holiday gift guides, but sometimes they’re overwhelming. To make this as comprehensive as possible, I am going to do one big gift guide “for her” and include lots of different price points!

UNDER $50:

  1. A travel cosmetics case. This one comes with a mirror!!! And the brush holder is detachable. This line was also created by Shay Mitchell (any PLL fans out there??), so I’m obsessed ha!

  2. This jogger set! Wait for this to go on sale and it will be even cheaper! I have this set and wear it allll the time!

  3. This curling iron! I rave about Kristin Ess’ hair products line at Target all the time. WELL, she just came out with hair tools!!! EEK!

  4. An oversized sweater. I love getting cozy gifts on Christmas morning! You can never go wrong by getting someone a big soft sweater.

  5. This holiday makeup set! This set from Benefit Cosmetics comes with a mascara, a bronzer, a primer, and a highlighter!! WHAT! I love holiday makeup gift sets because you get to try so many products for such a good deal!

  6. This holiday makeup set! I really like BareMinerals lipsticks, so a holiday set of 8 nude lipsticks??? Yes please!

  7. This blanket. Okay, I’ve talked about this blanket before! In fact, I’m curled up in it right now as I write this!! I can’t recommend this enough! It comes in so may different colors that you really can’t go wrong. Another idea is this blanket! I’m actually getting that Barefoot Dreams blanket for a couple of people on my Christmas list haha! I love it!

  8. This hair kit! This holiday set by OUAI is so good. I actually bought this for myself last holiday season! I love OUAI’s products.

UNDER $100:

  1. These Chelsea boots! O M G. I love these! I have a pair of black leather Chelsea boots already, so I personally love this in brown, but if you don’t have a good pair of black Chelsea boots add these to your Christmas wish list!

  2. This hair straightener! Another Kristin Ess product, I know! But I’m just dying over her new hair tools line! The products are so pretty!!

  3. This pajama set! Okay, I am dying over this cat print ha! I love sleeping in a full pj set, so these are on my Christmas list! The star print is so cute, too!

  4. This robe! Daniel and I were in Pottery Barn this weekend, and I felt this robe and died on the spot!!! Oh my goodness, it is SO soft!! There are matching slippers, too!!

  5. This teddy jacket! I really love how cozy teddy jackets are! This one is more cropped, so it isn’t so overwhelming on your frame.

  6. This knit cardigan. AH, I love this. I know everyone has it, but it is so cute!! It’s also so easy to wear since you can pair it with anything.

  7. These sunnies! I like big chunky sunglasses, and these are under $100!

UNDER $150:

  1. This coat! I love long coats, and this one is such a pretty color!

  2. This coat! This is such a “cool girl” coat that would elevate any outfit.

  3. This crossbody bag! I love this!! It comes in so many colors!

  4. This corduroy dress. This is so cute. I’d wear it with a turtleneck and tights for when it’s really cold outside!

  5. Personalized jewelry! I think personalized jewelry is so special, and there are a million options at different price points. I love this pendant letter necklace.

What do you all have on your Christmas lists this year? Send your loved ones to this post if they are struggling to think of ideas for you ;)

Let me know what other gift guides you are wanting to see! I have some in mind, so there will be more coming! I can expand on any of these price points if wanted!

See you next time!