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Hailey WilkinsonComment


Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the missing post on Monday! The holiday weekend threw me off of my normal schedule. Daniel and I got our Christmas card photos done on Sunday, and I wanted to share them with you all.

Hopefully you can get a little outfit inspo for either your Christmas cards, or any sort of holiday event coming up! For photos, just do neutrals and something you feel confident in. Don’t overthink your outfit! I’d just say to stay away from busy prints, anything with words on it, and colors that wash you out. Other than that, you don’t have to worry too much!

Talk to your photog beforehand so you know where you’re going to take the pictures! I knew we would have a very natural backdrop with lots of trees so Daniel and I stayed in the earth tones category.

Daniel always wears a khaki or gray colored chino pant (typically from Banana Republic), and either a button down or a sweater. Typically, we keep Daniel neutral and I’ll wear a pop of color if we decide to have a pop of color! For these photos, my corduroy overall dress was an orangey/brown color so we kept all of the other pieces neutral!

Dress:  here  / Turtleneck:  here  / Tights:  here  / Shoes: ( similar )

Dress: here / Turtleneck: here / Tights: here / Shoes: (similar)


For my hair, I curled it with this curling iron from Kristin Ess. It’s a 1 1/4 inch curling iron (which is what I typically use!). I REALLY like this curling iron! Also, I’m freaking out that Kristin Ess finally made hair tools!!!! Run don’t walk to Target!!!!

Photos by Twin Firs Photography. You can find her here and here! Rachel is so sweet, and Daniel and I are so pleased with how the photos turned out!

On Friday, I’ll have the stocking stuffer gift guide out! Let me know what other gift guides you guys are wanting! :)

See you next time!