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$20 SKIRT!

Hailey WilkinsonComment
$20 SKIRT!


Hello hello happy Wednesday! Hehe, the title of this post is making me laugh because it’s so straight forward. The skirt in this post is under $20 though!! I know what you’re all thinking, does this girl wear anything other than skirts and sweaters??? The answer is no, not really!!! Embrace the mini skirts while you can before it gets too cold outside! In 2 weeks I’ll probably have to retire this outfit, so let me live!! ;)

This outfit is actually one of my favs ever! It’s comfortable, it’s cute, it’s EASY! What’s not to love? I’m so bummed because over the weekend these shoes sold out online! I’m hoping they’ll come back in stock soon! I’ve linked a similar pair for the same price though.

Skirt:  here  ( similar ) ( similar ) / Sweater:  here  / Shoes: ( similar )

Skirt: here (similar) (similar) / Sweater: here / Shoes: (similar)


I have a little hair tip for ya! The hairstylist for my wedding used these giant bobby pins to secure my hair, so I obvs kept them when I took my hair down that night (I probably had 50 bobby pins in my hair I am not kidding). I’ve held onto them for the past 6 months, and they are INSANELY good. I have ONE BOBBY PIN HOLDING UP THIS BUN. ONE. I twisted my hair into a little top knot, put a clear elastic around it to hold the shape, and then secured it with one giant bobby pin and it feels so secure. Trust me, go get the biggest bobby pins you can find because they will change your life!!!

See you next time!