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Happy Friday!!! FRI-YAY, right? Last week, I posted my “For Her” gift guide, and you guys loved it! YAY! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it! This gift guide is “For Him”! I feel like it’s way easier to figure out what to get the girl in your life than the guy in your life. I have always struggled on what to get Daniel for Christmas! Daniel actually had a lot of input in this! It’s so hard for me to shop for Daniel because he doesn’t even know what he wants, haha! I’ve broken this guide into the same price points as the “For Her” guide!

UNDER $50:

  1. This Yeti coffee mug. Daniel has this and loves it! I don’t drink coffee (or really anything besides water), but this would be a great gift for any coffee lover! This could also be a stocking stuffer if you have large stockings!

  2. This sweater! Oh, I love this! I feel like this would be so warm!

  3. This lightweight sweater. This is so casual and easy to wear.

  4. This sweatshirt. This comes in so many colors, is easy to wear, and is inexpensive. Daniel has this in a couple of colors and he loves it! He can wear it with basically anything.

  5. This sweater! Okay the last sweater I swear! I just love giving cozy gifts and what is cozier than a sweater?

  6. A book by their fav author. Daniel loves John Grisham, so I always know if I get him the newest book he’ll be a happy camper.

  7. This beanie. It’s reversible! I’m sold haha!

UNDER $100:

  1. These joggers. I got these for Daniel last Christmas. He loves them! '

  2. These sneakers. Logan, my brother, wears these basically everyday. They’re a great casual sneaker if they go with your guy’s style.

  3. These sneakers. This is another great casual sneaker. This is a different style than the Vans, so it all depends on your guy’s style! Daniel would wear these, but would never wear the Vans.

  4. This hands free phone charger. This is on Daniel’s Christmas wish list! It’s only compatible with the newest iPhone though!

  5. This food processor. Daniel is the chef in our house, so he would love this!

  6. This tech case. I got this for Daniel last year, and he has used it every single day since. If you have someone in your life who is in school, this is a great gift! Daniel is trying to win the world record for the amount of degrees a single person can get, so he is always in class. He had a problem with taking a ton of different charging cords, and accessories to class, so I got him this case so that he can keep everything organized in one place. They have lots of different sizes, as well!

  7. This robe. Haha! On our honeymoon, we got to keep the robes that came in our room. Daniel was obsessed with the robe. He kept saying, “I can’t believe I’ve never had a robe before!”

  8. This duffel bag. This is great for any sort of weekend trip when you don’t need a suitcase.

UNDER $150:

  1. These Chelsea boots. Remember the Chelsea boots I put in the “For Her” gift guide?? These are basically the mens version. I’m obsessed!!!

  2. These boots. Okay, listen, these are slightly over $150, BUT Daniel has worn these shoes for YEARS. YEARS!!! They’re his go to winter boot. I know multiple guys who wear these boots, and they just last forever.

  3. This bomber jacket. This is a nice lightweight jacket!

  4. This backpack. This is probably pretty specific to Daniel, but if you have someone in your life who is in school or who takes a lot of stuff back and forth from the office and the home, a backpack is necessary! Daniel specifically says you have to get a backpack with two water bottle holders.

  5. This speaker. This Sonos speaker is great! Daniel and I have a few of these throughout our house. They have a lot of different types of speakers. This one is under $150! I’ll have a some of these items on my splurge gift guide coming out next week.

That’s it for the “For Him” gift guide!! Let me know if you grab any of these things for someone on your list!

See you next time!