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Hailey WilkinsonComment


Happy happy Friday! I was going around lighting all of the candles in my home, and I thought I’d share my favorite candles and places to get candles! If I’m home, I typically have a candle (or candles!) burning. I feel like people talk more about candles in the fall and winter months though! I’ve been branching out into the candle world, and it’s become my new guilty pleasure!! Daniel and I have been buying so many new candles lately! We have a big stockpile now.


My favorite candle of all time is Eucalyptus Mint from Bath & Body Works. I really like eucalyptus. If we’re being completely honest, this was the only candle I burned in my home all throughout college. Literally for 4 years, I only bought this candle. It smells SO good. If you walked into my apartment in college, this is what you would smell. I recently started branching out and buying different candles, but this one is my #1 for life!!!


Like I said, I’ve been branching out with my candle scents lately! I was recently told to try DW Home candles. They’re sold at TJ Maxx and Home Goods, and they are so affordable! I’ve really been enjoying the candle from DW Home called Peony Petals. It’s very fresh and floral. I think it’s a great scent to have in your bedroom or bathroom. I currently have them burning in my bathroom. The best part is that these candles are about $6 at TJ Maxx and Home Goods!! You can also buy them online at DW Home’s website, but they are more expensive.


Another candle from DW Home that I’ve been liking is Eucalyptus Sage. I like eucalyptus in basically any candle! I like eucalyptus scents in my living room (and in every other room, but that’s just me! Haha!). DW Home candles are good, you guys! I’m really impressed with them.


Okay, this next candle is what everyone loves. Leaves from Bath & Body Works is a signature fall scent in basically everyone’s home! It’s yummy and great for fall! I like to have a seasonal candle lit if we have company over. It’s great in a living room or front hallway.


Nest candles are another great candle brand! They are definitely more expensive than most candles though. I like to give Nest candles as a gift around the holidays. They’re great if you need a hostess gift for a holiday party, or if you’re really unsure of what to give someone for Christmas! Nest also does gift sets which is especially nice for the holidays or birthdays! I like to give the Holiday Classic Candle as a gift because basically everyone loves it. It’s also great to burn if you’re hosting a holiday party!!

Do y’all keep a stockpile of candles in your home?? Or is that just me and Daniel? I hope you have a great weekend!

See you next time!