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Hailey WilkinsonComment


I hope you all are having a great week! Daniel and I have had a fairly low key week so far. We don’t really have any weekend plans either! Yesterday, I wore one of my favorite coats and I thought I’d share it with you all! I got this coat from Boohoo, and I actually loved it so much I bought it in two colors, and I’m considering getting it in more. I bought the gray coat (that I’m wearing in this post) 2 years ago for $12 on sale, and last year I bought the camel colored one in for $15 on sale! Right now, the coat is sold out on Boohoo’s website, so I’m waiting for them to restock it before the holidays so I can grab the black one! They have a basically identical coat in stock right now, the sleeves are just slightly different.

I’ll link similar coats, but I’m sure it will come back in stock soon! They’ve been having a lot of sales recently, so I’m sure it’s out of stock right now because of that.

I like to wear this coat as the focal point of the outfit. I typically pair it with all black underneath. For this look, I wore a mock neck black dress and over the knee black boots. I also threw on a pair of fun earrings to dress it up a bit!

Coat:  here  ( similar ) ( similar ) / Dress: ( similar ) ( similar ) / Shoes:  here  ( similar ) / Earrings: ( option 1 ) ( option 2 ) ( option 3 )

Coat: here (similar) (similar) / Dress: (similar) (similar) / Shoes: here (similar) / Earrings: (option 1) (option 2) (option 3)


I wear this coat with the belt tied and with it open! If I wear it open, I tie the belt in the back so I don’t have hanging straps. It’s a really lightweight coat, so you won’t be able to wear this if it’s SUPER cold, but it’s perfect for this time of year or if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too cold.


For my hair, I just put it up in a high ponytail and then fishtailed the pony! I wrapped hair around both elastics and pulled out some face framing layers. Sometimes, I like to wear my hair up and completely out of my face, and this is a style that still looks more put together than just throwing your hair into a ponytail. Although, let’s be real, I do that all the time!!!

See you next time!