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Hailey WilkinsonComment


Hello hello! Happy Monday! I have a doctor’s appointment today. Moving to a new place is great until you have to find a new doctor, and dentist, and eyebrow lady, and hair stylist, etc etc you know? Anyway, it has been CHILLY here! It’s definitely layering season. I love it!!! I thrive during fall/winter. Summer is just not my season. I hate being hot!! I’d much rather be cold because you can always add another layer, you know?

For this look, I paired a chenille sweater with a light wash denim jacket, dark wash denim, and chunky ankle boots. I was so excited to see that this sweater was still being sold! I bought it last year around Christmas time. The sweater is from Boohoo. Boohoo is totally underrated. They have sales ALL the time! Like for real, don’t buy anything until they have a sale! As I’m writing this, they are having a 50% off sale. Two days ago they had a 60% off sale.

I LOVE chenille! It is so soft. This sweater is the definition of cozy!! The mustard-ish gold color is also so appropriate for the fall season. The sweater is quite oversized as well which I think adds to its cozy factor.

Sweater:  here  ( similar ) ( similar ) / Jeans:  here  / Jacket:  here  / Shoes: ( similar ) ( similar  UM I’m dying over these and they are 40% off!!) ( similar )

Sweater: here (similar) (similar) / Jeans: here / Jacket: here / Shoes: (similar) (similar UM I’m dying over these and they are 40% off!!) (similar)


I love layering! I’m so glad it’s chilly enough to throw a jacket on!!


I wanted a fun hairstyle for this outfit! If I’m ever needing hair inspo, I always check out Amber Fillerups’s insta! Honestly I check out her insta if I ever need general life inspo, too. A few days ago, she posted a similar hairstyle, so that’s where this idea came from! I just french braided two braids on the left side of my head, and one braid on the right side. Instead of just tying them together in the back, I turned them into a fishtail braid. It probably took about 5 minutes! If you ever want to have a hairstyle that looks a lot more complicated than it is just put some braids in your hair!

See you next time!