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Hailey WilkinsonComment


I hope you all had a great week! Daniel and I had such a good week!! We did some fun fall things this week. Most of which we had never done before! This week, I thought I’d share my five favorite fall time activities. I’ll be honest and give a suuuper unpopular opinion of mine - I’m not a huge Halloween fan. I don’t decorate for it, and I don’t really dress up for it. EEK! Sorry guys! I’m such a huge wimp that I avoid all Halloween things. If I see some creepy makeup on instagram I even scroll by it faster!!! I mute all commercials in case there’s a scary movie that comes on! Like HELLO, did you guys keep getting that Nun movie commercial??? Def not for me!!!! So there won’t be anything Halloween related in this or ever haha!


Visit an apple orchard! Daniel and I did this on Monday for the first time ever and we had such a great time. We picked so many apples, and explored the whole orchard. We never did this when we lived in Arkansas, and I’m not sure where you can do this in Arkansas. Arkansas people, comment if you know of a place! If you’re in Virginia, we went to Stribling Orchard and we’ll definitely be going back!


Bake all of the apple treats with the apples you picked at the orchard! This week I made an apple pie and apple turnovers! This was another first for me, and oh my gosh I felt SO accomplished when I was done. Ask my friends, I was sending pictures of the treats all day!


Go to a pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins! Daniel and I haven’t done this yet, but we’re planning on doing it before October is over! Funny story, a couple years ago in college, Daniel and I decided to carve pumpkins on Halloween. We ran over to Walmart to get pumpkins and they were OUT! No pumpkins anywhere! So we carved a watermelon and a spaghetti squash! HA! Every year since then Daniel asks if we should carve a watermelon again instead of a pumpkin.


Go leaf peeping! Go and find some beautiful fall leaves!!! I really want to go to Vermont, Maine, or Rhode Island one year and see all of the fall leaves. Typically, you take a trip to officially go “leaf peeping”, but I won’t tell if you just take a walk around your town and find some pretty leaves!


Decorate! If we’re being honest, I really only decorate big time for Christmas. My grandma decorates for every holiday (seriously, every single one of them!), so maybe one day I’ll do more for the different seasons. For fall, I typically switch out our door mat, hang a fall wreath, put some pumpkins by the door mat, and get some fall colored flowers for the house every week. It’s not much, but I like putting everything out. Maybe this year I’ll get some fall themed dish towels for the kitchen and maaaybe something else? We’ll see!

Let me know what you all are doing for fall. Have a great weekend, friends!

See you next time!